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<p>current development of China's bamboo flooring industry a true portrayal <a href='http://webdots.in/pvc-fence/7201.html'>build porch flower boxes</a>of the situation. With the strengthening of forest protection in various countries, restrictions on the implementation of timber logging regulations, the introduction of consumption tax on solid wood flooring, and the rising price of logs, the Chinese bamboo flooring industry is embracing a spring-like development opportunity. The 'Bamboo Flooring National Standard' anti scratch synthetic fencing productsand 'China Bamboo flooring consumption white paper 'has introduced more for the bamboo flooring industry has laid a solid foundation for leaps and bounds, with Chinese characteristics, green bamboo flooring is becoming </p>
<p>the floor of the new economic growth point. <a href='http://webdots.in/wall-panel/7015.html'>cost per foot for composite decking</a>However, compared with the wood flooring, bamboo flooring is facing a start late, low market share, consumer acceptance is not high, smaller manufacturing companies and many other challenges, bamboo flooring how to seize the 'spring of opportunity' to break the bottleneck of development ? On the occasion of the 10th China International Flooring Materials and Pavement Technology Exhibition, Sohu.com andformulation wpc board Focus Home Furnishings invited bamboo flooring industry experts and representatives from outstanding enterprises to discuss the operation of the bamboo flooring market in China, guide </p>
<p>consumer trends and seek common solutions Large, strong bamboo flooring industry! It will be a platform to showcase corporate image, exchange industry information,<a href='http://webdots.in/wall-panel/4723.html'>buy pavilion kits online</a> share successful experiences and talk about long-term planning so that you can make a decisive battle in the Blue Ocean. Looking forward to your participation! Discussion topics: 1, the development of bamboo flooring in China and the status of the flooring industry 2, seize the market opportunities,wood composite deck thailand a total of words bigger, stronger bamboo flooring industry 3, market-oriented, good bamboo flooring consumption guide March 12, 2006 14:00 --- 16: 00 Venue: Shanghai New </p>
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