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<p>on the advantages of enterprises, Baotuan go out this year, we will Baotuan for the first time to participate in the Canton Fair, in October also went to Africa,<a href='http://deckingboards.org/wpc-decking/4027.html'>pictures of best fencing design in nigeria</a> the Hubei manufacturing to play overseas.' An annual output of 4 million square meters of the German Hammer automatic production line in Hubei million trees officially put into operation. At this point, the total production capacity of million trees floated to nearly 6 million square meters. It is reported that similar to the introduction of this luxury tree of the heroic line, the country is still only ten,how to stain or paint plastic decking and mainly distributed in the eastern coastal areas. Which makes Wan tree industry has become a </p>
<p>production scale in southern China far ahead of the floor manufacturing base. Lin board integrated production model to bring the advantages of late and those who have been using OEM processing,<a href='http://a-wooddeck.com/fence/983.html'>floating deck permit</a> virtual business floor brand is different, Wan tree industry has always adhere to the 'forest board integrated production' development model, to build from the forestry nursery stock, planting trees Afforestation,how to design a multilevel deck with composite lumber high-density fiberboard production to the wood floor production, sales, service integration of the complete forestry industry chain. Wan tree not only has its own flooring factory, there are production of laminate flooring substrate - high-density </p>
<p>fiberboard of wood-based panel plant, as well as their own artificial fast Fenglin base. Up to now, Wan tree has been in Hubei Province, Jingzhou, Jingmen, Xiangfan, Xiantao,<a href='http://hardyflooring.co.uk/wall-panel/6604.html'>exterior wood like cladding</a> Qianjiang, Tianmen and other places, to establish the main Yang Lin, other fast-growing forest supplemented by 26 million mu of forestry base. On this basis, million trees in 3 to 5 years to complete all 80 acres of artificial forest base construction,garden furniture made from decking for the production of million trees to provide a steady stream of high quality raw materials. According to reports, the use of the substrate trees, all by the company's own production, the company's Jingzhou Senxin man-made </p>
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